The single most important instructional tool I use today is my network. I am part of an amazing network of teachers, technology instructors, staff developers, and technology facilitators. I have people in my network who are in the forefront of 21st century learning. I have people in my network from all parts of the world. What this means is that I have someone available 24/7 to answer questions, give me ideas, collaborate with me and/or my class on a project. I have been part of spontaneous learning which occurs each time a new tool comes out. I have been notified of webinars and conferences, of classroom projects and UStream chats. All of this networking has brought me to a new level of teaching and learning in the 21st Century.

Our Global Friendships - This wiki was created to organize the projects run by my group of global collaborators. We meet monthly to discuss new projects, brainstorm ideas, and iron out difficulties.
Global Classroom Project - This organization brings together teachers from around the world to connect, learn, and work. I blog for the project and run monthly twitter chats.
Webcast Academy - This online academy is where I interned to learn webcasting. I graduated and ran a monthly show called Teachers Are Talking for a year. I now cohost a weekly show called Conversations. Each show is archived as a podcast on EdTechTalk, an offshoot of the Webcast Academy. I have a great network of fellow interns to connect with at all times through a Skype chat room.
Twitter - This microblogging site allows me to communicate with a vast network in 140 character bites. Most of my spontaneous learning opportunities come through twitter.
Classroom 2.0 - This Ning (social network) was my first foray into the social network world. Here I connect with other educators and technology facilitators. I can be part of discussions, become a member of groups of like-minded people and collect network members.
Technospud Ning - This Ning is designed to bring ed tech people together to collaborate on projects. It's a great way to find collaborators for projects.
1001 Flat Tales - This writing wiki has connected me to other teachers who wish to have their students collaborate on writing. The choices are endless - work on one story, work on individual stories and conference with each other, work on group stories, etc.
Delicious - This social bookmarking site allows me to save great websites and lets me save them for members of my network, too. I often receive great links from other members of my delicious network. I have also created a delicious account for Denton Avenue.
Diigo - This social bookmarking site also allows me to save great websites. But it also gives me the opportunity to join discussions and groups, adding to my knowledge of Web 2.0 technology and the Read/Write web.